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    5 Headpieces That Will Make You Feel Beautiful On Your Big Day

    Having a bad hair day on THE day is out of the question. These elegant DIY headpieces will ensure a lovely hairdo when you say "I Do."

    Whether your bridal style is modern, vintage, or somewhere in between, these wedding headpieces are sure to inspire. They're the perfect stress-free way to add a touch of DIY and uniqueness to your wedding day — or any day for that matter.

    First up, Alison of The Knotty Bride demonstrates three ways to turn a bridal veil into a hairpiece.

    Materials you'll need:

    - a thrifted bridal veil (a soft-weight tulle works best -- a veil with an accented trim is a bonus!)

    - a pair of scissors

    - a length of vintage trim

    - assorted jeweled broaches/pins/earrings

    - a needle and thread.

    Style 1:

    Cut a strip of the veil 6" high and about a yard long. The length is variable, depending on how far down you want it to lie -- whether it be down to your shoulder, elbow, waist, etc. Fold the length of fabric in half and fold it to lie over the headband. Sew into place.

    Measure the circumference of your head, where you want the headband to lie. Cut the trim to size and close the band by sewing the two ends together.

    You're done! This piece gives the perfect modern spin to the conventional wedding veil -- a pretty and modern way to honor tradition.

    Style 2:

    Cut a strip of the veil 5" high and about a yard long (or a little longer than the circumference of the head). Fold over the top, making a double-layered 3" strip -- but leave the pattern/trim unobscured.

    Wrap around head to measure and tie a double knot. Cut off any excess fabric and tuck the ends into the other side of the knot.

    Use a variety of broaches or pins (or even a few pairs of earrings!) to accent the headband around the knot and give it a little sparkle. That's it! Throw it over a low bun or messy waves for a gypsy, bohemian look.

    Style 3:

    Cut a strip of the veil 2" high and about a yard long (or a little longer than the circumference of your head).

    Begin tying knots through the strip at about 1.5-2" intervals. Tie loosely enough that the knots are secure but not too tiny.

    After knotting all the way through, tie the two ends into a double knot.

    Ready to go! Pair it with loosely styled hair for a natural and minimalist look.

    Style 4: Alison from The Knotty Bride also turns inexpensive Forever 21 necklaces into a lovely layered headband.

    Materials you'll need: metal tools (a wire cutter and pliers), one draped chain necklace, three single-strand rhinestone necklaces, and jewelry findings (chain end clamps and small open jump rings). All necklaces used int his headpiece are from Forever 21.

    Step 1: Cut the clasps off the rhinestone necklaces so they are just individual rhinestone strands.

    Using the pliers, attach one chain end clamp to one end of the rhinestone strand. Repeat for the two other strands. Attach the three strands by closing one of the jump rings through the clamp holes.

    Step 2: Braid the rhinestone strands until they're 7-8" long.

    Cut off the excess rhinestones and attach clamps to each newly cut end, as done in the above step. Close the braid with another jump ring. Set aside.

    Step 3: Take the draped necklace and measure around the back of your head from ear to ear.

    Use wire cutters to cut the necklace at your ears. This part will lie on the back of your head. You may need to clip some of the first few draped chains so it lies more naturally.

    Step 4: Attach the draped chain and braided rhinestone strand using one jump ring on each side.

    That's it! An elegant, understated bit of sparkle perfect for your wedding day!

    Style 5: Christy from One Handspun Day creates delicate pearl hairpins.

    The materials: freshwater pearl clusters, freshwater pearl beads, crystal beads, 28-gauge copper wire, needle nose pliers, and bobby pins.

    Step 1: Cut a piece of wire approximately 9" long.

    String it through one of the pearl clusters. Pull until the cluster is in the center of the wire and then cross the wire over the back and through the cluster again to hold it in place.

    Step 2: Create the leaves by adding one bead or pearl at a time and working from the cluster outwards.

    Thread the first bead onto one side of the wire and pull it down until it is approximately ½” inch from the pearl cluster. Bend the wire so it forms a ‘U’ shape. Hold the wire in place with your pliers and twist. Continue twisting until the bead is held tightly in place. Bend the wire at the base of the twist so it forms a ‘V’ shape and add a second bead approximately 1” from the base of the ‘V.’ Twist and repeat, alternating randomly between pearls, beads and spacing. Bend the stems as needed to reposition your bead stems. Continue building on your ‘leaves’ until you are happy with how it looks. Repeat for the other side of the pearl cluster. (If you run out of wire you can add more by attaching it directly to the bead cluster again or by attaching it to one of the twisted wires.)

    Step 3: Then simply slip bobby pins onto the wire in back of each cluster.

    This will allow you also wear the clusters as broaches (just slip a safety pin on the back) or as pretty embellishments for a belt. If you want yours to be reserved for you hair, you can make them more secure by wrapping a piece of wire around the end of your bobby pin and securing it tightly around the wire behind your pearl cluster.

    And you're done! Whimsical wedding hairpins you can rewear for years to come.

    There you have it- five lovely ways to decorate your updo on the big day!

    Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and in life on her website.

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