29 Creative Calendars You Can Make Or Buy

Still don’t have a 2013 calendar? Never fear — these are way cooler than cheesy pictures of pets and landscapes.

1. Perpetual Magnet Calendar, $24

You could make your own with recycled magazine clippings and magnets, or buy this one on Etsy.

2. Moon Calendar, $17

Track your time via the lunar cycle. Available here.

3. DIY Button Calendar

Type and cut out numbers on card stock and glue them to the front of buttons, then glue thumbtacks to the button backs. Insert into fabric-covered cork board. Inspired by this pin.

4. Mustache Calendar, $28

Each month features a famous mustache. Buy it here.

5. DIY Collage Calendar

Cut out numbers for various black-and-white photographs, newspaper, and magazine clippings for a funky aesthetic. Pinned here.

6. Home Wall Calendar, $10

Home-themed imagery for each month of the year. Hangs beautifully from a satin ribbon. Available to buy here.

7. Three-Ring Calendar

Magnets hold the three rings together so they can be configured in multiple ways. Read all about it here.

8. Chalkboard Calendar

Make your own with a piece of chalkboard and plywood numbers. Inspired by this blogger.

9. Unraveling Sweater Calendar

Unravel the dates as each day passes. By Patrick Frey.

10. Chocolate Calendar, $14.95

This won’t help with any get-healthy 2013 resolutions, but it looks soooo good. Available to buy here.

11. All in Good Timeless Wall Calendar, $24.99

Talk about concise — this single page accounts for every day of the year. Buy it on Mod Cloth.

12. Perpetual Calendar Necklace, $50

You’ll always know what day it is if you’re wearing this. From Svpply.

13. Urban Street Numbers Calendar, $46

Compiled from photographs of street numbers in cities including Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo. Buy it here.

14. DIY Instagram Calendar

Use your 12 favorite photos, a mini calendar, yarn, and decorative paper to create a calendar of happy memories. Find the full tutorial here.

15. Periodic Table Calendar, $19.76

This art print is too pretty write on, but it’s a prefect visual for a science geek. Buy it here.

16. Monthly Measure

A monthly perpetual calendar that doubles as a ruler. By Sebastian Bergne.

17. Tote Bag Calendar, $17

Be environmentally friendly while always knowing what day it is. By Art is Everything.

18. Rotating Pattern Calendars

Crazy cool monthly calendars — see them moving here.

19. DIY Blocks Calendar

Cover block cubes with pretty scrapbook paper and card stock numbers. Check out this this tutorial.

20. Puzzle Calendar, $12.50

Rearrange the blocks each month, and mark special events and holidays. Available at Paper Source.

21. The Calendar of Awesome, $16.55

This one speaks for itself. Buy it here.

22. Recipes Calendar, $25

For the culinary type. Each month features a visual recipe made from that month’s freshest ingredients. By Liz Carver designs.

23. DIY Clipboard Calendar

Print little calendars, paste them to decorative paper and rotate them through a clipboard. Read about the process here.

24. Fortune Cookie Calendar, $28

For a year full of good luck. By Tricia O Design.

25. Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit, $24

Each month, stitch between the stars to create a constellation. Bonus: glow-in-the-dark thread! Buy it here.

26. Invisible Calendar, $15

Makes all your notes and reminders stand out. By Sasha Pure.

27. Vertical Calendar, $30

Simple and modern. Buy it from Make Collab.

28. Modern Illustrated Calendar, $36

Colorful and chic illustrations. By Indigo Bunting.

29. The Shun, It Shines

Yes, it’s a calendar. Look closer…

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