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26 Cute And Novel Ways To Use Confetti

Make every day a party with these unexpected DIYs.

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1. Bunny Ear Beanie

This adorable bunny-eared beanie was created by Juni from Hej Juni. A fall accessory that's sure to stand out from the crowd.

Materials: confetti, needle and thread, a paint brush, mod podge, a beanie, fabric that matches your beanie as closely as possible, scissors, pen, and thin wire.

1. Place one piece of fabric over the other, flip side up. Pin in place.

2. Draw bunny ears onto one side.

3. Following the lines you’ve drawn, do a whip stitch through both pieces of fabric. Leave a gap at the bottom.

4. Cut around the bunny ears, outside of your stitches. Don’t worry if it’s messy, this will be hidden in a bit.

5. Pull bunny ears right side out through the gap.

6. Paint the front of the bunny ears with a layer of mod podge.

7. Sprinkle the mod podge with confetti. Shake gently to remove any excess and let dry.

8. Apply another layer of mod podge generously. It’s best to dab on this layer in blobs. Allow to dry.

9. While waiting for the mod podge to dry, bend a piece of wire into bunny ears.

10. Insert the wire into the ears through the gap.

11. Sew the base of the bunny ears onto the top of your beanie.

And you're done!

2. Planters

Wilma from By Wilma created this snazzy planters in a just a few easy steps.

Supplies: terracotta planters, two sponge brushes (one to be used for paint, one for mod podge), white acrylic paint, mod podge matte finish, gold (or colorful) confetti.

1. Give your planters three layers of white paint. Brush the first one onto the planters, stamp the second one, and brush the last one. This way you will get a nice, kind of rough, structure on your planters.

2. Brush mod podge on the bottom half of the planters.

3. Sprinkle confetti on top of the Mod Podge. Press it onto the planters with your fingers so it stick.

4. Finish with a layer of mod podge on top. Through the way it dries, the matte finish Mod Podge will make the gold confetti look a little like gold leaf.

All set! Way to cheer up your desk plants.

3. Wrapping

Wrap a gift in a plane solid paper, then wrap with cellophane, leaving one end up. Slide in some confetti (you can just hole punch colorful paper and cut up tinsel), seal it up, and shake! Check out this tutorial.


7. Lantern

This tutorial shows you how to use a hole punch to create over-sized tissue paper confetti, then adhere them to a paper lantern with mod podge. Since tissue paper comes in every color imaginable, you can match any party theme.


10. Backdrop

Adhere giant wall confetti to sturdy fishing lines using the glue dots they come with. You can fold up each line and store in an envelope for future use or to gift as a gift. Get the details here.