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16 Awesome Things You Never Thought You'd Make With Legos

Your favorite childhood toy can be used to make accessories that are unexpectedly lovely.

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1. Bejeweled Hair Pins

Inspired by Ralph Lauren's colorful finale at NY Fashion Week, Allison from Quiet Lion Creations created these pop-of-color lego bobby pins.

Materials: bobby pins, white nail polish, flat legos (about 1.75" long), flatback gems (5 or 4mm), and E-6000 glue.

1. Use the white nail polish to paint the edges of the lego, all the way around. Make sure to not get any on the top of the lego, just the edges!

2. Get out your flat backs; the pins shown use the order of green, yellow, orange, red, blue, then green again (the same order as the actual runway show)!

3. Use a dab of your E-6000 glue and put a dab on top of each lego notch. Add on your gems in the correct order! Let all the glue dry.

4. Glue your bobby pin to the back of the lego. E-6000 is a better hold than hot glue; you may use hot glue if you prefer but keep in mind the lego may pop off if handled too roughly. Allow the glue to dry.

All done! A fashionable accessory from the most unexpected of materials.

3. Magnets

Claire from She's Called Claire turned legos into cute little magnets.

Supplies: legos, some small magnets, super glue, and spray paint (optional).

1. Attach the magnet. Turn the lego pieces over and glue a small blob of super glue onto the magnet. Then hold the magnet onto the back of the lego piece for a few seconds to secure. Test the magnet with another magnet first to ensure the correct side is facing out. Oh hello David Beckham..fancy seeing you here!

2. Spray paint your lego. This step is optional. Those shown were spray painted gold, but you could also leave them their original color. Be sure to shake the can for 1 minute first and then move the lego onto a protective surface. Spray the lego in little bursts to avoid the paint going on too thick.

3. Leave to dry for 30-40 mins.

Your magnets are finished! Stick them on your fridge, notice boards, and more.


4. Necklace

Claire also created this chic lego necklace.

Materials: one lego piece, one box closer, one jump ring, one gold necklace, superglue, a pair of beading pliers and some gold spray paint.

1. First off, spray your lego piece gold. To do this, move the lego onto a protected surface such as some old newspaper and then spray in short bursts to ensure a thin even coverage.

2. Leave the piece to dry and prep the fastenings. To start with use the pliers to open out and flatten down the box closer bead.

3. Once the lego piece is dry, turn it over and glue along the flat length of the box closer. Then hold the closer onto the back of the piece for a few seconds.

4. Once dry you can attach the jump ring. To do this use the pliers to open out the ring half way. Then hook the box closer onto the ring and once again using the pliers, close the ring back together.

5. Feed your necklace through the jump ring and you are finished!

Wear with a collared shirt for a super cool look.


11. Planter

View this video on YouTube

This video tutorial shows you how to use your lego construction skills to make a planter.

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