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    Overrated Dance On Dance Moms

    A collection of some of the most overrated dance moms dances

    Hi guys!

    Today I am saying some of the most overrated dances on dance moms in my opinion! If you don't agree you can say your opinion in the comments but please do not be rude about it! On with the post!!

    Cry is the most overrated dances on the show!

    I don't see why cry is so big. It's just a contemporary dance, the costume is really pretty but I think its mediocre. I find the dance kinda boring.

    Boss ladies

    I like this dance but It isn't my favorite. Everyone had great expressions and facials but I don't like hip hop that much. I don't know why this dance is so big.


    This dance isn't that overrated, but if I said name a kenzie solo I think most people would name this. She did a very good job with tumbling considering the hairpiece is on her head and its so big. She bends her leg in the side aerial.

    Where have all the children gone

    The dance is everyone pretending to act dead and kill themselves, mackenzie on the swing and vivi pushes her and brooke tumbling. Thats it, I don't know why its one of the best dances on the show for some people.


    Hear me out, Elliana had nice lines and very strong legs. I feel like this is overrated because people think she should have won, which I agree. But on with that as I watched the solo I feel like people made the solo sound more good than it actually is.


    The fact she did this with her shoulder popped out was amazing, but some people overrated it. This solo is amazing but they made her shoulder a little bit of a big deal, if I had my shoulder hurting and feel like its gonna pop out I would ask to pull the solo.

    The waiting room

    I like this dance but to me it is kinda boring and I feel like its missing something.

    Thanks for reading my post!

    Please be nice about your opinions! Any suggestions just say them in the comments! Bye guys!