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    My Favorite Dance From Each Girl!

    My favorite dance from each dance moms girl

    Hi guys!

    Today I am doing my favorite dance from each girl! The girls I am doing are: Maddie, Chloe, Brooke, Paige, Mackenzie, Nia, Kendall, Brynn, Kalani, Lilliana, Elliana, Jojo, and Asia. (No season 8 dancers except Lilly and Ellie)


    My favorite maddie solo is

    Come to the cabaret!

    I liked this solo because it was different from her lyrical and contemporary solos!


    My favorite solo from Chloe is

    Baby mine!

    I like her older solos when she was younger, I think she did amazing in this dance!


    My favorite Brooke solo is...

    Purple Reign

    I think she had better facials in this solo then all her other ones! I love her tumbling and acrobatics in this solo.


    My favorite paige solo is..

    Make some noise

    Paige isn't my favorite dancer, but I loved this solo! They cut out so many good parts!


    My favorite mackenzie solo is...


    She did awesome in this dance! Her tricks and tumbling were clean and amazing! Mackenzie is one of my favorite dancers so It was pretty hard


    my favorite Nia solo is..

    20's scat

    I loved this dance! Its very underrated because there was no lyrics so it was harder, she smiled and danced great!


    my favorite Kendall solo is...

    Welcome to my life

    Kendall also Isnt one of my favorite dancers, but this is my favorite dance from her, it was this or holla


    my favorite brynn dance is...

    The Coronation

    I love Brynn! I love seeing extremely flexible dancers on dance moms and this shows off a bunch of her strong points.


    my favorite kalani solo is...

    Swan Solstice

    This is so pretty! I love this dance so much.


    my favorite lilliana solo is...

    Wishing well

    She did amazing in this, it was hard to choose because she's my favorite dancer, her flexibility was off the charts.


    my favorite Elliana solo is....

    Am I enough?

    This was also hard but her facials are amazing and she is very strong in this solo


    my favorite jojo solo is....


    Her improv is better than Abby's choreography!


    My favorite Asia solo is...


    She had so much energy in this dance!

    Thanks for reading

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