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    Are the moms or dancers more famous?

    Lets find out!

    Hi guys!

    hey guys today I am seeing if he moms ( Kelly, Christi, Holly, Melissa) or the dancers ( Paige, Brooke, Chloe, Nia, Maddie, Mackenzie) are more famous!

    Kelly VS Brooke

    Kelly: 1m followers on Instagram. Brooke: 3.4 m followers on Instagram, Brooke wins!

    Kelly VS paige

    Kelly: 1m followers Paige: 3.4 m followers, Paige wins!

    Christi VS Chloe

    Christi: 2.2 m followers Chloe: 6.3 m followers, Chloe wins!

    Holly VS Nia

    Holly: 2.1 m followers nia: 5.6 m followers, Nia wins!

    Melissa VS Maddie

    Melissa: 3.6 m followers Maddie: 13.8 m followers, MADDIE WON HANDS DOWN

    Melissa VS Kenzie

    Melissa: 3.6 m followers Kenzie: 15m followers kenzie won!