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10 Welsh Signs Telling Donald Trump He’s Twp!

Wales Against Trump protests were held throughout the country on Monday night, here are some of the best signs:

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1, Ma'r Pwsi yma'n Brathu! (This pussy bites!) >>>>>>> 2, Na i hiliaeth y TrWmPSYN!!! (No to racism IDIOT!)

Ma rhain yn well @Golwg360 @maredifan os da chi'm yn mindio

3, I'm going to miss Pobol y Cwm tonight!

You know the Welsh mean business when...

4, Cer i grafu! (Welsh insult, literally means "Go to scratch" = F*** Off)

Poster bach da yn y #MuslimBan protest ym Mangor heno. #BanMwslim

5, Byth eto! (Never again!)

This evening's march against the #Trump #immigrationban in Bangor

6, Pontydd nid Waliau! (Bridges not Walls!)

@siangwenfelin / Via Twitter: @siangwenfelin

7, Ban Trump not Muslims!

Some of the anti-Donald Trump protesters at Bangor this evening

8, Impolite Grandmothers say DUMP ON TRUMP!

@RhysSkinner_USW / Via Twitter: @RhysSkinner_USW

9, I for one, welcome our new Fascist Overlords!

Anti-Trump #Immigration ban #protests took place across the UK last night: #Cardiff, Wales

10, Return Evil with Kindness

Anti Trump Rally in Cardiff continues with chanting cheering and banners being waved

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