13 Ways To Sexify Your Look In A Heartbeat

Looking to add a little something extra to an ordinary outfit? Look no further. Use the innovative Physicians Formula Eye Booster™ Instant Lash Extension Kit to create instant lash drama.

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Heels: They lift your butt. That's not an official slogan, but it might as well be — and they're just as effective even when they're not sky-high. For a comfortable heel experience, look into insoles.


If you've been steering clear of red lipstick, now's the time to try it. You can bring your whole outfit together in seconds with the swipe of a stick. Yes, you — this is your time!

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We know what you're thinking — chokers are so '90s. But we're here to tell you that you can (and should) still rock this look, which will bring an element of fierceness to your otherwise demure outfit.


As Shakira knew, underneath your clothes is an endless story, and whatever you're wearing as a first layer should boost your confidence and make you feel sexy. The best way to sexify any outfit is to let that feeling radiate.

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