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Cloud Is Not Coming, It Has Arrived

The term Cloud migration for the method associated with moving information as well as server workloads coming from real or even personal circumstances into as well as in between cloud circumstances.

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Cloud is no longer difficult for people to understand, express or accept. There were initial regulations and did not make it through for cloud computing to become the stable of almost 95% of enterprise consumers.

If one looks at how everything started, thing were not looking good. The first and most basic issue was to make sense of the benefits they had to offer.

For those who did not understand that cloud was working in their benefit against a home grown full-fledged operation that runs through fully owned server farms and Microsoft SQL Server.

It was still difficult to explain how their data remained safe.

Data sensitive domains such as Government run businesses steered clear of cloud. However that too has changed.

Why did that change transpire?

Well it could have been because common sense prevailed.

Reasons as to why putting things on cloud became a standardized practice could have been made, mostly it made the celebrities to conveniently leak their nude photos owing to bad use of password and then blaming on technology... just kidding!

Could not help take a pun at some of the stars!

Hopefully you would still move on and read the following reasons.

* Cloud became more widely accepted because

* Economics of cloud was awesome, you can have downtime based on your end user traffic, keep the billing count low.

* You can expand from platform to infra in no time.

* Regulations were passed that made it relatively simple for people to implement high security string protocols.

* Those protocols basically govern anything that is deemed secure on the digital world.

* It's price wars are happening everyday

* Piracy is happening on cloud everyday

* Market places run on cloud everyday

* People share, store and (lose passwords) on cloud everyday

* Millions of $'s have been funded in to such based startups &

* The big giants were forced to adapt as a result of all of the above business demands

In conclusion though, if you are trying to make a software run on cloud, these following five reasons about why it is being used should appeal to your common sense!

* They make it easy to upload

* They make it easy to expand

* They help you fight and winning comes naturally with cloud

* They run captive business systems

* They made it feasible for lean, mean operations with low entry criteria to achieve highest pedigree servers

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