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Tips For Making A Ghost Mannequin Effect In Adobe Photoshop

After capturing the pictures fir ghost mannequin effect for your product, the post-production process should be started using the software Adobe Photoshop. You can also deploy this editing work to top professional editors and get your ghost mannequin images in 24 hours and it would be ready to sell. By outsourcing your work, would save your company a great deal of time and frustration but if there is shortage in budget, follow these simple steps to create effect in Photoshop.

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1.Open Files In Photoshop And Create Layers: Open the mannequin image and foam board image in Photoshop. Then, select your mannequin image and create a new background layer.

Fill that layer with white so it would be your overall background. It would also help to label your layers so that you can tell them apart and remain organized.

2.Use A Selection Tool: Choose a selection tool in order to select the product in the mannequin image. Then zoom in and choose your favorite selection tool- quick selection, lasso or magic wand. These tools would help to achieve your desired selection.

3.Refine And Place Your Mask: After selecting the entire product, refine your mask so it is nice, tight and will remove all of the background and mannequin. It could be achieved using the Refine Edge tool in the Select menu. Click Ok in the Refine Edge dialogue box and place a mask on your layer.

You would see your product floating on the white background that you created in the beginning. If needed, refine the mask slightly more or refine the product’s edges again to give it a clean look.

4. Repeat Steps With The Foam Board Image: Repeat the first three steps on your foam board product image. Then create a new layer, select the product, create and refine your mask.

5. Combine the Images: Both the images have tight and clean masks, so drag the mask from your foam board image over to the image of your ghost mannequin product image. Arrange the layers so that the foam board image is lower than the mannequin image.

Adjust the positioning of the foam board layer and adjust proportions so it fits perfectly behind the mannequin layer

6. Remove Unwanted Parts Of The Layer: Hide your mannequin layer, brush out the unnecessary parts of the foam board layer. Then check that your layers are clean once again and nothing is outside alignment.

7. Add Shadows And Slave: Add a shadow amidst the two layers so that the product could be given more depth and then save a copy of the Photoshop file with all of the layers intact, just to be safe. After saving the layer file, merge all the layers together and save the image once again as a different file.

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