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Corgi Mixed Breeds Just Look Like They've Gone Undercover And TBH It's Great

Double O Corgi!

This is what a Corgi looks like:

Getty Images

Corgis are known for always appearing happy and smiling (and TBH a little naive).

Kichigin / Getty Images

As well as for their short legs and compact figure. But it becomes really funny when you cross them with other dogs.

Getty Images

Then they suddenly look as if you simply disguised a Corgi as a different dog. Like here, as a Husky:

Or like this Corgi who's gone undercover as a Boston Terrier:

Don't tell anyone, but this isn't a Collie at all:

And this guy's just pretending to be a Jack Russell:

Here he is just undercover in Terrier territory:

Is this a Corgi with an Australian Shepherd mask on or an Australian Shepherd with fake Corgi ears?

"Honey, did you put our Labrador in the dryer?!"

A Corgi with a splash of Chihuahua.

It turns out Corgi mixed breeds are the best! It doesn't matter whether it's a German Shepherd...

Or a Pomeranian.

Who can resist looks like these?! 😍

Instagram: @sundancetheborgi / Via

(A Border Collie Corgi!!!)

Greetings and thanks to Paul Haine.

This post was translated from German.

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