17 Animals Who Got Themselves Into Rather Sticky Situations

    **Record scratch** **Freeze frame** Yeah, so, you're probably wondering how they got here...

    1. First, there's this slightly stuck cat:

    2. And this jammed-up squirrel:

    3. This raccoon, who just realized the gravity of their situation...

    4. And this sea lion, who's like "o no this is...bad."

    5. This cat, who will never trust windows again:

    6. And this one:

    7. And also this bagged cat:

    8. This hamster, whose great escape attempt has run into a few complications:

    9. And this dog, who is just like ???how??? help???

    10. Then there's this dog, who refuses to admit defeat:

    11. And this dog, who's just like uhmmmmmm.

    12. This shiba, who swears that everything is JUST FINE:

    13. And this cat, who is extremely NOT fine:

    14. This kitty is like, well, something's gotta give:

    15. Meanwhile, this one is ready to admit it was all a mistake:

    16. Whereas this one is like OMFG PUT THE CAMERA DOWN LINDA AND SAVE ME!!!!

    17. And finally, there's this cat, who's not comfortable but like, not uncomfortable?

    This post was translated from German.