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17 Animals Who Got Themselves Into Rather Sticky Situations

**Record scratch** **Freeze frame** Yeah, so, you're probably wondering how they got here...

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1. First, there's this slightly stuck cat:

MundoCani / Via

2. And this jammed-up squirrel:

MitchellKweli / Via

3. This raccoon, who just realized the gravity of their situation...

Imbackmotherfuckers / Via

4. And this sea lion, who's like "o no this is...bad."

bremb / Via

5. This cat, who will never trust windows again:

justcreativeenough / Via

6. And this one:

Ferfachu5000 / Via

7. And also this bagged cat:

familiarplanets / Via

8. This hamster, whose great escape attempt has run into a few complications:

JWestyWest / Via

9. And this dog, who is just like ???how??? help???

callmeabitcrazy / Via

10. Then there's this dog, who refuses to admit defeat:

mamadinosaur / Via

11. And this dog, who's just like uhmmmmmm.

TheKingOfTown / Via

12. This shiba, who swears that everything is JUST FINE:

shintje / Via

13. And this cat, who is extremely NOT fine:

WasThatAFartOrAShart / Via

14. This kitty is like, well, something's gotta give:

misplacedhippie / Via

15. Meanwhile, this one is ready to admit it was all a mistake:

thisishappening / Via

16. Whereas this one is like OMFG PUT THE CAMERA DOWN LINDA AND SAVE ME!!!!

Actually_an_otter / Via

17. And finally, there's this cat, who's not comfortable but like, not uncomfortable?

It's fine, everything's fine.
egodepletion / Via

It's fine, everything's fine.


This post was translated from German.

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