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    23 Kids You'll Laugh At More Than You Probably Should

    Kid fails are the most inappropriately hilarious kinds of fails.

    1. We'll first start with this shaky playground experience:

    "1/10 would not attempt again."

    2. Now, let's cut to this picture of pure determination:

    A Sisyphus for our time.

    3. And this brief breakfast scare:

    SlimJones123 / Via

    4. And this slip & slider:

    herptderper / Via

    **me after 1.5 drinks tbh**

    5. Good thing this kiddo won't be heading to the DMV any time soon:

    SlimJones123 / Via

    6. Or this one:

    gkosmo / Via

    7. This is maybe the most accurate description of what it's like to have an older sib:

    8. And this is why it's always 1000% worth it to take your kids camping:

    kradical / Via

    9. This has happened to allllll of us, and yet it's still freakin' hilarious:

    DondeT / Via

    10. And this is just painfully funny:

    navel_fluff / Via

    11. This kid is going to have trust issues, like, 5ever...

    SlimJones123 / Via

    12. And this kid is not a fan of gravity's sneak attack skills:

    TortoiseSex / Via

    13. This kid just never saw it coming...

    SlimJones123 / Via

    14. And this kid learned about ice today:

    gasoline_party / Via

    15. This kid is just like, WhY iS iT fOlLoWiNg meEeEeEeeE??

    16. Whereas this kid is well versed in the shadow arts:

    corybomb / Via

    17. For this one, you've just got to wait for it...

    niblot1 / Via

    18. And this one is just a good reminder for all of us to hold tight to that bannister:

    BreakfastWithReddit / Via

    19. Honestly, why spring for expensive toys when a cereal box works wonders?

    20. And let's be honest — this was never going to be a good idea:

    GallowBoob / Via

    21. More reasons why tents and kids will never not be a funny combo:

    22. As well as ice and kids — it's simply classic:

    SlimJones123 / Via

    23. Finally, this one is actually just a very good metaphor for life, don't you think?

    iBleeedorange / Via

    Me & responsibilities AF.

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    This post was translated from German.