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Here's What The "Harry Potter" Characters Will Look Like When They're 65 Years Old

The Harry Potter universe keeps growing bigger and bigger. We transformed the Harry Potter characters into 65-year-olds to see where all of this will lead.

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1. Harry celebrated his anniversary at the Ministry of Magic last week. But 40 years of being an Auror come at a cost. Little sleep, old knees, and all that stress seem to have a direct impact on the hair follicles.

2. At 65 years old, Hermione can fondly reminisce about the fulfilling life that she has lived. Thanks to her work as a lawyer for the rights of magical creatures, she was always on the move. She later became Minister of Magic, and had the highest approval rating within the last 500 years.

3. Ron suffered a few setbacks in his life. He spent countless nights on Harry and Ginny's couch, slightly drunk and whining about the fact that Hermione is way more successful than he is.

4. Surprise! Neville transformed into a total silver fox in his old age. In his late twenties, he founded an agency for image consultation. Things really started going uphill when his company sealed a contract with the Ministry of Magic to help them rebuild Muggle relations.


5. Despite having children, Ginny never considered giving up her career. In turn, Harry took the parental leave. For a long time, Ginny worked as a sports reporter for the Daily Prophet. For her articles about illegal doping with Felix Felicis in the Quidditch World Cup, she was honored with the Albus Dumbledore prize for journalists at age 31. At age 43, she became chief editor of the Daily Prophet.

6. Even in his old age, George never lost his sense of humor. He always lined his pockets with his joke articles. But his lack of fashion sense was persistent, as well. That's why now, with 65 years on his back, he looks like a provincial politician and exclusively flies via Nimbus Cayenne.

8. More than 60 years old, Luna remained ever true to herself. She opened a park for magical creatures in Hogsmeade, and it has since become the biggest attraction of the wizarding world. The park has the largest population of wild Monster Books.


11. After finishing school, Dudley invested in a video store chain since he considered it to be a secure career choice. It remains uncertain how he made his living after videos went belly up.


13. For Draco, there has never been a compelling reason to have a real job. His family's wealth ensured that he would have a life devoid of financial concerns. He spends most of his time cataloging his huge collection of charmed Muggle artifacts.

Disclaimer: Yes, most of these stories are completely bogus. Here, you can find real information concerning the future of the characters.

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