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    Just 18 Photos Of Dogs Stuck In Sleeves That You Need To See

    Dogs and sleeves, and dogs IN sleeves. What more could you want?

    1. First, there's this lil guy:

    2. And this confused canine:

    3. This poor pooch:

    4. And this confused pup:

    Froogleloops / Via

    5. This one just looks cozy:

    6. And this one's about ready for a nap:

    Northernrebel56 / Via

    7. This one's precious in pink:

    8. So is this one!

    minda_spK / Via

    9. This one's like plz help me:

    10. And this one's like "honestly, gray might be my color??"

    11. This is one very good dog burrito:

    12. (Dog-arrito?)

    shanel3rannan / Via

    13. This one's contemplating their choices:

    Zelaskal / Via

    14. This one's lost their way:

    PickleSlice / Via

    15. Meanwhile, this one's cozy as can be:

    16. Anyway, in closing: the world is a dark and scary place...

    17. But at least we have dogs...

    ResidentPetrolHead / Via

    18. And especially: dogs in sleeves.

    atmospheric / Via

    It's all bearable now.

    This post was translated from German.