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    19 Of The Best And Most Perfect Cats On TikTok Right Now

    Calling all cat people!

    1. Fact: there's nothing more precious than a cat tongue...

    2. Truly nothing!

    3. ...except maybe a cat snore???

    4. If cats had human voices, they would 1000% sound like this:

    5. And this:

    6. And if they allowed themselves to be romanced more, it would go like this:

    7. This is what the last Pringle in the tube sees if you've got cats:

    8. We love the way cats love smooth surfaces...

    9. And being possessive of their food...

    10. And basic martial arts, of course:

    11. Excuse me, but I think this cat might be broken?

    12. Meanwhile, this one's like "no YOU come here!"

    13. And this one knows all the right words:

    14. This cat was definitely a secret agent of some sort in another life...

    15. And this one will make you be like "me, during allergy season."

    16. This one's honestly my idea of a good night out...

    17. And this one is INDEED very trippy!

    18. In summary: cats are the best, and they are never not cracking us up...

    19. Or making us completely and totally melt for them.

    Yep would die for cats 11/10.

    This post was translated from German.