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    20 Brilliant Tips For Furnishing A Small Living Space

    Big ideas for even the most cramped place.

    1. Keep your wall decor minimal and spaced out, so that the room doesn't feel crammed.

    2. Take advantage of the space behind the couch or bed for storage or makeshift shelves.

    3. And use large hanging curtains to immediately make your room appear larger.

    4. Need more space in the kitchen? Install a small shelf above the sink...

    5. And do the same for your bathroom, too!

    6. You can also hang a floating shelf if there isn't enough room:

    7. Give into the current plantmania trend and fill your home with houseplants — just make sure to vary the size.

    8. Pro tip: Open shelves make your kitchen appear much more spacious than closed cabinets.

    9. Consider installing a foldaway table instead of a full-blown desk — because how often are you really using it, anyway?

    10. To make a room feel instantly larger, add a mirror...

    11. Or get painting! A painted ceiling adds a lot of character and a sense of roominess.

    12. So does an accent wall, in even the teeniest spaces.

    13. Consider elevating your bed — with bed risers like these — in order to make space for storage underneath.

    14. You can also lift up your bed entirely — on top of a set of cabinets, for example...

    15. Or go whole hog and invest in a loft bed:

    16. To fancify your bathroom and save closet space, keep towels rolled up in a basket.

    17. Consider investing in a hanging trash bin for the kitchen...

    18. And move large items that you only use a few times a year out of the way:

    19. In general, focus on maximizing vertical space! You'll be surprised how much room there really is for all your stuff.

    20. And don't discount corners — they're great for shelves like these:

    And these!

    What's your best space-saving hack? Comment with yours below!

    This post was translated from German.