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    14 Things That Sure Look Like Food But Unfortunately Are Not Food


    1. This is not a crunchy bar of Toblerone:

    2. And this is not a delightful apple crumb cake:

    3. This is most unfortunately not some delicious shawarma:

    4. And no, this is NOT a bowl of Chef Boyardee's best:

    5. Nope, not sushi:

    6. And this is definitely not candy:

    7. This door looks like chocolate but apparently is not chocolate:

    8. And no, this is not half a dinner roll:

    9. This is not a cake:

    10. And despite what you'd like to believe, this is not meat:

    11. Deceptively, these are not potatoes:

    12. And these are NOT rolls of salami:

    13. Sorry, but this is not a nice slice of toast:

    14. And finally, for the last time, this is not bacon.

    This post was translated from German.