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    13 Painfully True Hashtags For Irish Historical Figures

    LOL Irish history is totes gr8. Happy St. Patrick's day!

    1. #SurprisinglyFilthy


    They don't tell you in school, but James Joyce wrote about wanking a lot.

    2. #NotTheBand

    BetacommandBot / Via

    Theobald Wolfe Tone was one of the revolutionaries behind the failed 1798 rebellion. He's currently a very tall, thin statue in Dublin.

    3. #TheGothFather


    Bram Stoker never wore a tutu, New Rocks and a 'Barbie Is A Slut' t-shirt. To our knowledge.

    4. #BasicallyTheIrishRocky


    Brian Boru was the only guy to ever rule over all of Ireland, which he did for about 20 minutes before his head was chopped off by some Vikings. Still, 10/10 for effort.

    5. #TheOriginalLiamNeeson

    Government Of Ireland National M / Via

    Daniel O'Connell was tall, smart and frightened MPs into giving Irish people a few of those rights things they like so much. There's a street full of chippers and shoe shops named after him.

    6. #BecameATapestry


    Ireland's first female president, Mary Robinson did lots for women, kids, emigrants and basically anyone else who needed a hand.

    (And seriously, she did become a tapestry)

    7. #HardestMinisterOfFinanceEver


    Michael Collins - square-jawed guerrilla turned conflicted politician, still causes pub arguments.

    8. #TheRealMrBurns


    Taoiseach Charles Haughey - went on telly to tell us we were living too large, basically spent the GDP on shirts.

    9. #Scandalous


    In between spouting witty comebacks and writing classic literature, Oscar Wilde enjoyed giving zero fucks.

    10. #TheOriginalHipsters


    Drinking, singing, having beards you could lose a quid in: The Dubliners were doing it when Mumford And Sons were a twinkle in some asshole's eye.

    11. #No #OkayThen #Yes

    Via Flickr: bc-burnslibrary

    Ian Paisley staunchly opposed Irish nationalists, then thought better of it and became colleagues and famously good pals with former IRA member Martin McGuinness. It's that sort of country.

    12. #Misunderstood


    Saint Patrick is basically a mix of two historical dudes. Neither of them is Irish.

    13. #ElegantlyWasted


    Peter O'Toole was a gentleman genius, a shameless sot and a charmer: who could be more deserving of a St. Paddy's Day toast? Sláinte!