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    Dec 23, 2014

    18 Defining Moments Of 2014 For BuzzFeed's UK Creative Team

    It's been a big year for small animals. Happy Christmas, everyone!

    1. January: Nicky and Philly went to New York on the coldest day ever.

    Antonia Heslop / BuzzFeed

    Philly claims he 'knows a shortcut home' from the bar. Nicky pretends she's hurt her leg just to get him in a taxi.

    2. In February, this GIF was removed from a post because 'The cat looks like it's having sex with the bed'.

    For some reason we just really loved this.

    3. March: Antonia joined as Creative Designer!

    Antonia Heslop / BuzzFeed

    4. And Hedwig from Harry Potter visited the office.

    Philip Byrne

    Didn't poop or anything.

    5. In April, Nicky was asked to be less 'cruel and mocking' in a post.

    6. In May, Antonia won a medal for her love of Batman.

    Philip Byrne

    7. In June we went to the zoo and saw a monkey doing something very rude.

    Let this banana analogy sink in.

    8. July: Hayley (and her cat Ned) joined the team.

    Antonia Heslop / BuzzFeed

    9. This was also the month when Phineas Ernest Sander joined (explicit image censored)

    Philip Byrne

    His official title is Director of Naps and Bin Sniffing at BuzzFeed UK

    10. We also turned our faces into barbecue foods.


    Not literally, though. That would really hurt and taste awful.

    11. In August, we began our weekly 'No look' drawing competition.

    Hayley Campbell


    12. In September these machines were delivered to the office, causing much alarm.

    Philip Byrne

    Yes, it is what you think it is. And no, we didn't.

    13. November: Sam and his shoe collection joined us.

    Antonia Heslop / BuzzFeed

    14. Here he is in action.

    He continues to inspire us all.

    Philip Byrne / BuzzFeed

    (This probably only makes sense to British people)

    15. Nicky achieved the impossible by writing a relevant, successful post about being an Indian hipster.

    Shutterstock / BuzzFeed

    Her powers are truly terrifying.

    16. In December, Hayley went to New York to chat and eat bacon with Neil Gaiman. No big deal.

    Fly on the wall at @hayleycampbelly's book signing. What a legend! (Hayley. But suppose Neil's alright too)


    Fly on the wall at @hayleycampbelly's book signing. What a legend! (Hayley. But suppose Neil's alright too)

    11:29 PM - 15 Dec 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    17. And Philly showed his Christmas cheer.

    Hayley Campbell

    18. It's been a big year - and we couldn't do it without you. THANK YOU!

    Antonia Heslop / BuzzFeed

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the UK creative team - here's to 2015!