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    Posted on Mar 22, 2018

    12 Ways To Make Your Unicorn Birthday Party Sparkle!

    Let's get mythical. MY-THI-CAL!

    1. Put together a unicorn themed table setting that will turn dreams into reality!

    The wows are on the way when you inflate one of these giant foil number balloons to match the guest of honor's age.

    2. Make a magical milkshake station.


    Dessert always comes first at a unicorn party.

    3. Serve up some drinks!

    These cups are great for holding refreshing beverages, ice cream, or even cotton candy!

    4. Whip up some cute, colorful fudge!

    Kara's Party Ideas / Via

    These tasty treats are almost as fun to look at as they are to eat! Find the recipe right here.

    5. Turn your friends into mystical creatures.

    These shiny unicorn party hats are guaranteed to make your guests look dazzling.

    6. Then do some arts and crafts!

    hello, Wonderful / Via

    These unicorn dream catchers look like they're from another realm. Find the full how-to here.

    7. Cover your hats, cups, and other belongings with these sweet stickers!

    Find these unicorn stickers here.

    8. Keep cake time cute!


    Unicorns drool too.

    9. Entertain everyone with some unicorn party games!

    These unicorn pinatas and party games are pretty.

    10. Unicorn ring toss, anyone?

    11. Give your guests something special to take home!


    Check out this awesome unicorn party for more inspiriation.

    12. Pool party? more like COOL party!

    Everybody needs a giant unicorn pool float.

    Get ready to turn those nays into YAYS! National Unicorn Day is Monday, April 9th!

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