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11 Lotería-Inspired Cream Cheese Spread Snacks You’ll Want To Make Immediately

Lotería may be a game, but these Philadelphia® cream cheese spread snacks aren't messing around!

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1. La Palma (The Palm)

Let this savory creation transport you to straight to the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

* 2 pineapple wedges (½-inch thick)

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Jalapeño Cream Cheese Spread

* ½ tsp. finely chopped fresh cilantro

3. El Catrín (The Dandy Dude)

No need to wear a tux to eat this fancy mango concoction, but we'll leave that up to you.

* 3 slices mango (¼-inch thick)

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Original Cream Cheese Spread

* ⅛ tsp. chili-lime seasoning

4. El Diablo (The Devil)

OK, OK, so the theme may be a bit demoniacal, but we assure you: This tastes like heaven.

* 1 hard-boiled egg, halved lengthwise

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Jalapeño Cream Cheese Spread

* 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper

5. La Pera (The Pear)

Let your taste buds taste the three P's of success*: pepitas, pear, and peaches.

* 3 pear slices (¼-inch thick)

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Peach Cream Cheese Spread

* 1 tsp. pepitas

*And by "success," we mean "mouthwatering delight."

6. La Bandera (The Flag)

Keep things patriotic and tangy with this bomb recipe.

* ¼ red bell pepper, cut into 3 pieces

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread

* 1 Tbsp. mashed ripe avocado

* ½ tsp. lime juice

7. La Sirena (The Mermaid)

Mermaids perhaps exist only in legends and kids movies, but this nautical-themed snack makes your flavor fantasies real and delicious!

* 5 corn chips

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Spread

* 2 tsp. salsa verde

8. El Melón (The Cantaloupe)

Será melón, será sandia, será la vieja del otro día, día, día, día, día, día... You'll joyously sing your heart out when you try this!

* 1 flatbread cracker

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Blueberry Cream Cheese Spread

* 1 Tbsp. chopped cantaloupe

* ¼ tsp. liquid chamoy sauce

9. La Chalupa (A Type of Boat)

Navigate an ocean of new tangy dimensions when you munch on these endive boats.

* 2 endive boats

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Chive and Onion Cream Cheese Spread

* 2 tsp. white or yellow corn kernels

* ½ tsp. lime juice

10. La Luna (The Moon)

The moon we'll stare at for hours, but this snack we'll devour in minutes – ¡está deli!

* 1 graham cracker (can be broken into 4 pieces)

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Cream Cheese Spread

* 1 tsp. semisweet chocolate chips

11. El Árbol (The Tree)

Climb to the zenith of flavor paradise when you enjoy this crunchy masterpiece!

* 1 tostada shell, broken into 4 pieces

* 1 Tbsp. Philadelphia® Vegetable Cream Cheese Spread

* 1 tsp. canned chopped chipotle chile in adobo

With these winning snacks, you’ll feel like screaming “Lotería!” Welcome fun and creativity into your kitchen with Philadelphia® cream cheese spreads.

Photographs by Lauren Zaser / © BuzzFeed