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15 GIFs That Will Make All Cream Cheese Lovers Cry A Little Bit

Cream cheese is a...super-emotional snack for you. Philadelphia Cream Cheese understands. And they want to help.

1. This is you when you set your eyes on a beautiful tub of cream cheese:

2. This is when you just like HEAR the phrase "cream cheese":

3. And this is what happens when someone tries to take the first schmear before you:

4. Or when someone tells you they don't, um, totally LOVE cream cheese:

5. This is you when you smell chive and onion cream cheese:

6. This is what you tell yourself when someone says you can't sneak cream cheese into every snack ever:

7. This is when you put cream cheese on lettuce:

8. And here's that feeling when you drop your perfectly manicured cream cheese snack on the floor:

9. And this is you when someone steals your veggie cream cheese spread from the office fridge:

10. This is you when you run out of multigrain crackers to spread your cream cheese on:

11. This is when someone says that strawberry cream cheese is for children:

12. Or when the store tells you they're out of blueberry:

13. And when someone suggests you put some cream cheese on your celery:

14. This is you when you head to the fridge and pray that you're not out of cream cheese:

15. And, lo and behold, it's there. And you cling to it and weep.

Snack on, young cream cheese lover. Snack on.

With Philadelphia Cream Cheese, snacking and crying tears of joy go hand in hand.

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