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14 Guys We'd Like To See Keep It On

What's better than looking at a hot guy? Looking at a hot guy who knows how to dress well. When the man in your life is wearing a shirt that's so soft it's driving you crazy, don't be shy! Tell that guy to #KeepItOn!

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1. The guy who has you wondering if his shirt is as soft as the kitten he's holding. / Via

The answer is really a win-win.

2. Or as warm and fuzzy as this makes you feel.

We mean, come on...

3. The guy who knows he's dressed so well that you're picturing him naked.

Music Box Films / Via

Well then don't look so darn handsome!

4. And makes a classic B&W look seem like a style he just invented.

Steve Urkel called, he wants you to keep his suspenders forever.

5. The guy who seems to get better-looking the more clothes you put on him.

Just don't put on a mask. Promise?

6. The guy whose sweater looks too comfy not to cuddle with.

You know that nook? Yeah... that nook.

7. The guy that reminds you why Christmas is the greatest time of the year.

Sweaters. Big, ugly, cozy, warm sweaters.

8. The guy who knows how to move in his clothes.

Dressing and moving so effortlessly, like a stylish angel.

9. The guy who needs to keep it on so that your childhood innocence can remain intact.

Who knew Neville would grow up to look THIS good? Maybe Professor Trelawney.

10. The guy who might make you lose it if he took his shirt off.

You can be goofy and sexy. That's definitely a thing.

11. The guy who has you wishing that you'll come back as the softest red hoodie in your next life.

Glassnote Records / Childish Gambino / Via

No, but seriously... we want to be that hoodie.

12. Or a cat. We would be perfectly happy if we were that cat.

Just promise to never take that fleece off, and we won't try to run away.

13. The guys who make waiting for the laundry an event worth attending. / Via

Can you feel the rhythm of the spin cycle?

14. And the guy who just looks so darn good in what he's wearing.

#KeepItOn gentlemen.