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8 Scientific Facts That Prove We're Basically Living In A Sci-Fi Universe

Thanks to these guys, looks like we'll officially live long and prosper.

1. Personalized medicine is being utilized to help create potential custom cancer treatments.

2. Human organs-on-chips are being investigated for their incredible potential in eventual personalized medicinal applications.

3. Genome editing shows exciting potential for fighting genetic diseases.

4. Epigenetic research is changing our understanding of the nature vs. nurture debate.

5. Paleogenetics is being used to bring ancient genetic materials back to life.

6. Nanosensors inserted into the body may be used for crucial early detection of infection and disease.

7. 3D brain tissue is being grown with stem cells.

8. The first true 2D substance, graphene, is being heavily researched for its game-changing potential in fields such as health, technology, and energy.

OK, once THESE are taken care of, we'd like teleportation devices, intergalactic concerts, and robot baes too, please. Because thanks to innovative scientists everywhere focusing on a better future, it seems like pretty much anything is possible.

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