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11 Dogs Who Can't Wait For Spring

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1. "Maybe if I dance, the human will make the warm weather happen."

2. "Squirrels? Flowers? Hello?"

3. "I won't even come downstairs, human, you can't make me. Melt the snow. Then come talk to me."

4. "No bird to chase? I'll show these couches who's boss."

5. "Hmph. Not a stick to eat or a piece of grass to chew on."

6. "Maybe if I make myself more presentable, the human will let me play outside."

7. "I'm ready for the water! Lemme at it!"

8. "If the human sees how good I look in a swing, they'll make spring come faster."

9. "Do you know what I think of snow?"

10. "I mean, kid, you are cute, but like I'd rather be outside in the sun."

11. "70 degrees? Oh, 30 degrees. K, bye."

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