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10 Smart Products That Will Really Up Your Pet Parent Game

Now you can be a ~cool parent~ with these sophisticated, high-tech pet products from PETKIT! Get 10% off all PETKIT products by using the code “onlybuzzfeed”.

1. This ultra-quiet water fountain that provides your pet with oxygen-enriched water.


The Eversweet Solo holds 63 ounces of water and comes in three fun colors. Complete with smart LED lights, it'll update you on filter status or when water is running low.

Get it for $29.99 (available in black, orange, or blue)

2. Or try this super-sleek water fountain to purify your pet's water and keeps it fur-free!


The Eversweet 3 contains a water pump that decreases up to 25% of noise and saves energy. It also includes a fur-proof mesh screen to keep your pet's water free of fur, dirt, and other debris.

Winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award.

Get it for $59.99.

3. This cat backpack allows you to comfortably take your feline friend on all your adventures!

Woman wearing Breezy Dome cat backpack with cat inside.

The Breezy Dome pack is made with high-tech light material and an ergonomic design for your benefit...and a built-in fan, mesh hole, and smart ventilation system for your kitty’s ultimate comfort as well!

Get it for $69.99.

4. This smart pet food dispenser so you can schedule feedings right from your phone.


If you are out and about, know your pet will not be left hungry, thanks to the Fresh Element. It holds up to 6 pounds of dry food and allows you to schedule up to 10 meal times per day or activate a “Feed Now” option. Plus, it's available in two colors!

Winner of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award and 2018 iF Design Award.

Get it for $129.99 (available in white or blue).

5. This temperature regulating pet house to keep your pet snug as a pug in a rug.


The COZY pet house contains a temperature and humidity sensor to keep your pet at a comfortable temp all day long. You can also use your phone to track data from this smart house, such as how long your pet has been resting. And to top it all off, it can also be used as a scratching pad for your feline friend.

Get it for $199.99.

6. These portable water bottles are lightweight so you can hydrate your pup on the go.


The Eversweet Travel bottle is super simple to use and available in four colors to match your pup's personality.

Winner of the 2017 Red Dot Design Award.

Get one for $15.99 (available in white, green, gray, or blue).

7. This digital scale bowl accurately measures meals and is perfect for any furry friend on a special diet.


Whether your pet is on a health- or age-specific diet, Fresh Bowl can help you measure and keep track of how much your pet eats.

Winner of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award and 2016 iF Design Award.
Get it for $23.99.

8. This stylish litter box that keeps litter hidden and gives your kitty some well-deserved privacy!

Cat exiting White Villa litter box in stylish living room.

The White Villa's enclosed design is perfect for privacy and also helps prevent odors from spreading. The entryway is grated to remove any leftover litter from your kitty's paws and keep 'em nice and clean.

Get it for $99.99.

9. This self-cleaning litter box removes odors, kills 99% of bacteria, AND has an elegant, space-saving design so your cat can do their “business” in style.

Cat inside PURA X litter box.

The PURA X litter box has got it ALL! There are smart detection sensors, a special filter that works with a variety of litter types, and remote control cleaning right from your phone! That's right: Whether you want to set your preferences to auto-cleaning or schedule cleaning times, you have the power right at your fingertips.

Get it for $599.

10. These LED light nail clippers will keep sharp nails at the purrr-fect length.


Nervous to cut your pet’s nails? Not anymore! The LED lights help you avoid clipping the blood line and ensure a neat cut. Plus, there’s a built-in nail file so you can give your pet the manicure experience they deserve.

Get it for $17.99.

Get 10% off all PETKIT products by using the code “onlybuzzfeed”!