The researchers want genetic testing companies to “sign” the DNA profiles they produce with a secure code — limiting access to databases by cops.

Peter Aldhous • 7 days ago

Experts predict potentially life-threatening storm surges — as high as 12 feet — in parts of the Florida Panhandle.

Zahra Hirji • 9 days ago

“We know that a storm like Michael can be devastating and deadly,” said Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Zahra Hirji • 10 days ago

The forecasts, which are from the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service, will update automatically.

Peter Aldhous • 10 days ago

In February, BuzzFeed News revealed a decadelong history of sexual misconduct allegations against Arizona State University professor Lawrence Krauss.

Peter Aldhous • 10 days ago

The hoaxers say that gender, race theory, and sexuality studies are corrupting academia. Critics say the experiment was itself a biased sham.

Virginia Hughes • 14 days ago

Physics is not biased against women, but does discriminate against men, Alessandro Strumia claimed.

Peter Aldhous • 17 days ago

The National Institutes of Health spends $30 billion a year on medical research. Critics say the agency isn’t doing enough to fight sexual harassment.

Peter Aldhous • 29 days ago

The maps will update with the latest National Weather Service forecasts.

Peter Aldhous • One month ago

“This kind of study really brings home the point that dangerous climate change is here now,” one researcher said.

Peter Aldhous • One month ago

Parts of the Carolinas could get more than 40 inches of rain. That threatens flooding a long way from the coast.

Peter Aldhous • One month ago

The predictions are for big storm surges in North Carolina, as high as 13 feet.

Dan Vergano • One month ago

The forecast is from the National Hurricane Center and is updated every 3 hours.

Peter Aldhous • One month ago

A BuzzFeed News analysis shows that Russian accounts blamed the violence on the "antifa" and backed Trump all the way. Then most of them abruptly went silent — presumably banned by Twitter.

Peter Aldhous • 2 months ago

After an emotional fight, the American Psychological Association has decided not to let its members back into sites where the US military conducts interrogations.

Peter Aldhous • 2 months ago

The famous physicist and skeptic violated Arizona State University’s sexual harassment policies.

Peter Aldhous • 2 months ago

The Arizona State University professor has been accused of inappropriate behavior spanning more than a decade.

Virginia Hughes • 2 months ago

Across most of California, human activities and infrastructure — like campfires, arson, electrical equipment, and power lines — start the vast majority of fires.

Peter Aldhous • 2 months ago

The American Psychological Association is at war — again — over its members’ role at sites where the military holds terrorist suspects.

Peter Aldhous • 2 months ago

Immigration advocates said these efforts, however well-intentioned, are mostly unnecessary.

Peter Aldhous • 3 months ago