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3 Productivity Power-Moves

Destroy laziness and power through your day.

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1. Knock out something easy

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It's tempting to start with the most difficult task of your day, but it may actually be more beneficial to get a win under your belt. Identify something on your to-do list that won't require a ton of effort. Immediately knock it out.

The feeling of getting something accomplished early on will give you the momentum you need to keep going.

2. Excercise

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Yes, you may not want to do it -- but it helps. Getting some exercise in at the start of your day will help you feel energized. The activity helps to wake your body up and helps you relieve stress. The reduced stress will help you focus more on what matters. Your tasks!

3. Eat healthy

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Your brain needs the right fuel in order to be able to work. Sometimes, it's tempting to skip meals or eat fast food. On Sunday, plan out your meals for the week. You can cook at home, then store your meals in containers. If you are running around during the day, plan your stops. Make sure that your lunch breaks involve healthy options.

Cheaper and fast foods are often devoid of nutrients. By eating foods that are higher quality, you give your body the nourishment it needs to have high endurance throughout the day.

Being productive is not just about using methods and strategies to work more efficiently. Sometimes it's about what you put into your body.

Now, go out and be productive!

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