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    10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

    Low maintenance love!

    1. Bath Bombs in a Jar


    Bath bombs are all the hype now. Put some in a jar with a cute tag and there you have the perfect Valentine's gift. If you are feeling crafty you can also DIY these. Learn how.

    2. Pumper me basket for her


    If you are running out of time and ideas you can easily put this basket together after a quick trip to the drugstore or supermarket. She will definitely love the personal touch!

    3. Breakfast in bed basket


    Your s.o will definitely appreciate this the next day and the best is that you can share!

    4. You're the BALM lip balm


    Everybody could use some lip balm, using the right tag you can have the perfect gift for your s.o. Find the printable tag here.

    5. Inspirational Poster from Etsy


    Your s.o will think of you every time they see this on their wall! Download it here and print it in any size you want.

    6. Pop corn and a movie


    Make some pop corn with colorful sprinkles, pick a romantic movie and you've got the perfect date idea.

    7. Succulents


    These will live a lot longer than a flower bouquet and they are so much cuter! Tutorial here.

    8. Little spoon, big spoon pillowcases


    You can easily DIY these with some white pillow cases and some waterproof marker.

    9. Star Wars Tic Tacs


    If your s.o loves tic tacs and Star Wars then this is the perfect gift for you! Get the free printables here.

    10. Printable Etsy Card


    If you are running really late print your own card at home. Find this here.

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