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Make Your Party Extraordinary

Impress all your guests with these over-the-top party decoration tips from Perrier that will take any party from ordinary to extraordinary.

Fabric Chandelier


Two wooden dowels

Jersey fabric

4 large eye hooks



1. Cut jersey fabric into long strips varying in width (1”–3”) and length (based on the surface area you’re covering).

2. Pre-drill holes for the eye hooks in both ends of each dowel.

3. Screw eye hooks into drilled holes.

4. Place the dowels parallel to each other and begin to tie the ends of fabric to each dowel, alternating colors.

5. Also, flatten out some of the pieces and staple them to the rod in order to get a variety of width of fabric and create some depth.

6. Hang your “chandelier” using the eye hooks and string. Enjoy!

DIY Streamer Panel


24” width mylar tissue paper

Safety fencing

Rotary cutter or scissors


1. Cut the safety fencing to whatever length you desire for your streamer panel. We measured ours to cover the edge of the table.

2. Cut mylar tissue paper into 3-inch strips.

3. Fold strip of mylar in half, crinkle it slightly, then weave loop into fencing and pull ends through to create a knot.

4. Continue this process to cover the entire piece of safety fencing.

5. Hang your streamer panel at your party and enjoy!

DIY Balloon Decorations


Large clear balloons

Variety of smaller balloons

Colored cardstock

Crêpe paper streamers

Mini tissue paper honeycombs

Glue dots


Large clear balloons


1. Blow up your large balloons using helium.

Baby Balloon String

1. Blow up a variety of colors of balloons so they are at varying sizes.

2. Using glue dots, adhere the balloons together in clusters.

3. Then, using those glue dots, adhere them to a ribbon.

4. Tie the ribbon to the end of a large clear balloon.

Honeycomb String

1. Cut off the strings from the tissue paper honeycombs.

2. Open the honeycombs and use the adhesive backing to adhere them to the string.

3. Fill up the string, alternating sizes and colors of the honeycombs.

4. Tie the ribbon to the end of a large clear balloon.

Crepe Paper String

1. Fold a crepe paper streamer back and forth over itself.

2. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the middle of the folded-up paper.

3. String the balloon string through the whole and use a glue dot to adhere the streamer folds along the string.

4. Tie the ribbon to the end of a large clear balloon.

Cardstock Shapes String

1. Cut out a variety of shapes (squares, triangles, circles) from varying colors of cardstock.

2. Using glue dots, adhere the cardstock to the string.

3. Tie the ribbon to the end of a large clear balloon.