You Really Should See Guns N' Roses In Concert

No, seriously. You might think they suck now, but you're wrong. They put on the biggest, most spectacular show in rock, and you will have FUN.

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Maybe you've heard that Guns N' Roses suck now, and that Axl Rose is kind of a mess in concert these days. There's definitely evidence to back this up.

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Like, there's a LOT of footage like this out there.

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But here's the thing: They are actually really awesome in concert now. Or at least they were when they headlined the Governors Ball festival in New York City.

You don't really need to be a big GNR fan to enjoy their show. They play all of their hits, and if you've ever been to a dive bar, you know all of them by heart.

You will probably be surprised by how excited you can get when they launch into one of those huge hits, like "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Paradise City." They are undeniable crowd pleasers.

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They basically go way over the top by the fourth song, then just keep going further. It's an absurdly generous concert; it's like they're just doing everything they possibly can to make you happy.

And maybe he has some off nights here and there, but Axl can still wail just as well as he did in his glory days. He's a super magnetic frontman too – you might assume he lost it, but nope. Dude's a natural star.

And when it's all over, and they've played every song, and gone through all the pyro and confetti you can possibly handle, they leave the stage and give you one more fireworks display for the road.

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The only complaint you can possibly have after seeing Guns N' Roses now is that Axl doesn't scream "Give us some reggae!!!" at any point in the show. But like, you can just watch this for a solid 15 minutes when you get home.

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