Proof The Guy From Interpol Only Has A Vague Familiarity With The English Language

    Yes, Paul Banks is actually singing "let's see about this ham." Because why wouldn't he?

    1. "Obstacle 1"

    2. "NYC"

    3. "Hands Away"

    4. "Stella Was A Diver and She Was Always Down"

    5. "Slow Hands"

    6. "Barricade"

    7. "Say Hello to the Angels"

    8. "Pioneer to the Falls"

    9. "Length of Love"

    10. "Roland"

    11. "PDA"

    12. "Not Even Jail"

    13. "Specialist"

    14. "Leif Erikson"

    This one actually makes sense, but is just really, really creepy.

    15. "Pace Is the Trick"