Which Songs Do You Crank Up When They Come On The Radio?

…or iPod shuffle, or Pandora, or MTV, or whatever. What absolutely needs to be LOUD?

1. Let’s imagine you have an amazing stereo. Something like this…

2. …or this…

3. ..or even one of these things.

4. You’re listening to music at random, or on the radio. What, if it came on, would inspire you to turn the volume WAY UP? Would it be something like this?

5. …or maybe this?

6. Is this more like it?

7. How about something that was designed to be played at a ridiculous volume, like this?

8. …or this?

9. Or maybe it’s more about emphasis, like you’re underlining the song a dozen times, and adding a bunch of exclamation points?

10. Are you trying to party harder?

11. Or maybe the act of turning it up is kind of a meta thing?

Tell us what you need to hear LOUD in the comments!

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