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    18 Signs You Are Addicted To Collecting Vinyl

    It always starts off like a little hobby. And then, before you know it, you're spending $150 on an out-of-print import.

    1. Music just sounds sorta weird to you if it's not preceded by a bit of surface noise.

    2. You're willing to spend hours of your time making sure your collection is perfectly alphabetized.

    Lee Meredith / Via Flickr: -leethal-

    3. Your record collection is the focus of your home decor.

    H. Michael Karshis / Via Flickr: hmk

    4. Some of your walls look just like this, or you want them to.

    Brian Lamb / Via Flickr: harry

    5. Your dream house looks something like this.

    Carl Collins / Via Flickr: carlcollins

    6. You're ready to drop whatever you're doing wherever you are to check out a record store, flea market, or garage sale.

    7. You thumb through every single record bin in every shop because you never know what you might find.

    8. You look at a photo like this and think "vacation destination."

    Abi Skipp / Via Flickr: 9557815@N05

    9. You are constantly worried about being outbid on eBay.

    10. This is more beautiful than an actual flower.

    Marcin Wichary / Via Flickr: mwichary

    11. Looking at a photo like this makes you quietly freak out – THAT'S NOT HOW YOU STORE A RECORD! YOU'RE GOING TO RUIN IT!!!

    Steven Snodgrass / Via Flickr: stevensnodgrass

    12. You have strong opinions about digital audio.

    Acid Pix / Via Flickr: acidpix

    13. You also have some very intense feelings about colored vinyl.

    Yonolatengo / Via Flickr: yonolatengo

    14. You roll your eyes at expensive, inferior new pressings of albums that you can find in used bins all over.

    They're always sourced from digital and sound like garbage!

    15. You're always wondering, "is it time to replace my needle yet?"

    Jemimus / Via Flickr: jemimus

    16. You hope and pray that every new album you like comes out on vinyl.


    Hey Kayne, why isn't Yeezus on vinyl yet???

    17. There's at least one record that you can never find or can't afford, and knowing it's out there and you can't have it slowly drives you insane.

    18. You are ready and willing to argue about the superiority of vinyl over CDs at any given moment.