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33 Things Pharrell Is Hiding Under His Hat

You'd be surprised by how much stuff can fit under that thing.

Just look at that hat!

There's more than enough space for...

1. A lot of eggs.

2. His harmonica.

3. Gold doubloons.

4. A couple of baby animals who love each other.

5. Logs for the bonfire after the show.

6. A hardcover edition of Donna Tartt's novel The Goldfinch.

7. An actual goldfinch.

8. A reproduction of Carel Fabritius' painting, "The Goldfinch."

9. A head of lettuce.

10. Chad Hugo

11. An old "Smokey Bear" poster.

12. Ingredients to make fudge.

13. Some walking-around money.

14. Both of the Daft Punk helmets.

15. A bouquet of tulips.

16. An orb of light. (The source of his power.)

17. Meatball sub.

18. A stack of some of his favorite comic books from when he was a kid.

19. Just a few coupons.

20. A six pack of Yeungling.


22. Ballpoint pens.

23. A few more hats for later on.

24. A combo pack of Uncle Buck and Fletch on Blu-Ray.

25. Priceless Egyptian arfifacts.

26. His lucky penny.

27. Lisa Frank binder.

28. Colorful rubber bands.

29. One of his old Grammys.

30. Two autographed copies of Taylor Swift's Red.

31. Mr. Pibb t-shirt.

32. A neck pillow that he will desperately need by the end of the night.

33. Ham.

Inspired by the wonderful Maria Sherman.