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    The Best Of "Parks And Beyoncé"

    Leslie Knope and Queen Bey are together at last in a new Tumblr by the people who gave us Kanye West Wing.

    2.01 "Pawnee Zoo" / "Me, Myself, and I"

    4.09 "The Trial of Leslie Knope" / "Crazy in Love"

    3.14 "The Fight" / "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)"

    2.17 "Woman of the Year" / "Run the World (Girls)"

    1.04 "Boy’s Club" / "If I Were a Boy"

    3.09 "Fancy Party" / "Schoolin’ Life"

    5.03 "How a Bill Becomes a Law" / "Get Me Bodied"

    4.09 "The Trial of Leslie Knope" / "Diva"

    3.13 "Road Trip" / "Get Me Bodied"

    3.16 "Li'l Sebastian" / "Sweet Dreams"