The Best Of "Gangnam Style"

There is nothing on Earth that can’t be turned into a “Gangnam Style” parody. “Best” might not be the right word for this, but just roll with it.

24. “Gungan Style” featuring Jar Jar Binks

Somebody had to do this, because Star Wars fans have the power to turn anything into Star Wars.

23. “Glee” Style

This was also sort of inevitable.

22. Deadpool Style

This one’s for the comics nerds.

21. Santa Style

Merry Christmas, K-Pop fans.

20. MC Hammer Style

Psy performed with MC Hammer at the American Music Awards. Let’s be optimistic and assume this was a dream come true for him.

19. Heidi Klum Style

Another awards show team up, this time for MTV’s European Music Awards.

18. Russian Style

Okay, sure. Why not?

17. “Star Wars” Style

This isn’t a version of the song so much as a quick sight gag.

16. “The Shining” Style

Another version of the same gag setup.

15. Lifeguard Style

These lifeguards all got fired for making this video.

14. Christmas Lights Style

This is just really awesome.

13. DJ Paolo Monti’s mashup with Wham’s “Last Christmas”

Video available at:

It’s sort of strange how many of these are connected to Christmas.

12. Bible Style

This is an ad for a free Bible app.

11. Nerdy Style

Nice production values on this one!

10. Brony Style

There was no way of avoiding this. It’s the Internet, and it’s 2012.

9. Bill Psy, The Science Guy Version

This is great, but it’s really too bad Bill Nye didn’t just do this himself.

8. Farmer Style

“Agriculture is so impoooortant to meeee!”

7. West Point Style

A lovely lib dub from America’s premiere military academy.

6. BuzzFeed’s mashup with Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”

We’re biased, okay?

5. “Spartan High School Style”

This is awful, yet totally mesmerizing.

4. Gotham Style

This is the best of several Batman-themed “Gangnam Style” parodies.

3. Hyuna’s version of “Gangnam Style” with Psy

You might recognize Hyuna as the girl from the original video.

2. Acoustic cover by Hope and Maggie

This is just extremely adorable.

1. “Gangnam Style”

Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby.

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