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    Prince Is Taking His Music Off Of Vine

    The Purple One has found another media platform where he will not allow you to share his songs.

    Prince's company, NPG Records, has shut down at least eight Vine clips featuring "unauthorized recordings" and "unauthorized synchronizations" of his music.

    Nousha Salimi, File / AP

    Twitter complied, and all of the clips are gone, and no one seems to know exactly what was in them. Going on the complaint, it could be a few seconds of concert footage, or in some cases, people lip-synching along with his music.

    Here's the document requesting the Vine removals, courtesy of, a site where Twitter and Vine publicly share copyright complaints.

    This shouldn't be too surprising. Prince, more than any other major pop star, has been very active in keeping his music off of YouTube, file sharing services, and other unofficial platforms for sharing music online.

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