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17 Parodies Of Kanye's "Yeezus" Cover

Who would've guessed that you could do so much with such a minimalist design?

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1. Animated GIF version

2. DIY version

3. iPhone/Android iTunes version

4. Ultra-minimalist version

5. Cassette version

6. Floppy disk version

7. 808s and Heartbreak/Yeezus mashup

8. Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Ye Machine" version

9. Neutral Milk Hotel version, part one...

10. Neutral Milk Hotel, version two

11. Anime version

12. Croissant embroidery version

13. Rosetta Stone: Swaghili version

14. College bear version

15. All-tape version

16. Another DIY version

17. Crucifix tape version

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