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    Dec 26, 2012

    My Bloody Valentine Are Actually Releasing A New Album

    Their first record since 1991 will finally come out in a few weeks. No, really! This is not a joke.

    My Bloody Valentine announced late last week on their Facebook page that they finished mastering a new album.

    An announcement like that would normally be kinda zzzzz, but it's a very big deal since their last record came out in 1991, and it was "Loveless," one of the most influential rock albums of the past 30 years.

    It's easy to say that any beloved old record is a "classic," but it's actually hard to understate the impact of "Loveless." The fact that the band have been silent ever since has only increased the album's mystique.

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    My Bloody Valentine mastermind Kevin Shields has been working on a followup to "Loveless" since the mid-'90s, but being a notorious perfectionist, he's scrapped several drafts over the years.

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    In the time since, Shields has done some remixes, and been a member of Primal Scream.

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    Shields also contributed some new songs to the "Lost in Translation" soundtrack.

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    My Bloody Valentine were effectively defunct as a band until 2008, when they went out on a reunion tour.

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    Shields announced the new MBV album back in November in an interview with NME, revealing that he plans to release the new album through his website.


    Bassist Debbie Googe talked to Drowned in Sound last year and explained that the new album is almost entirely made of parts written and performed by Shields.

    h/t: Pitchfork