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    Michael Jackson's New Song "Xscape" Is The Best Michael Jackson Song In Forever

    The title track from his upcoming posthumous album was written back in 2001, but has been "contemporized" by co-writer and producer Rodney Jerkins.

    Michael Jackson's second posthumous album Xscape is coming on May 13th, and will feature 8 previously unreleased songs recorded in the last decade of the iconic pop star's life.

    The title track has already leaked, and it sounds fantastic – certainly a lot better than anything on Invincible, the 2001 album the song was written for.

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    It's not quite on par with his classics on Thriller or Bad, but it's definitely as good as the best stuff on Dangerous, which is another way of saying "better than most pop music."

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    Posthumous albums are always a little weird, especially when they've been messed around with after the fact, but if everything on it Xscape is this good, maybe it's not such a bad idea?