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Lil Wayne Is "Recovering"

TMZ reported that he was near death following a seizure, but his publicist tells BuzzFeed that "he's doing well now."

TMZ reported on Friday evening that Lil Wayne was in critical condition following a seizure at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ the situation was very dire...

But his close friends were tweeting that everything is fine, and that he's alive and well.

Update, 9:06 P.M. EST: TMZ has removed mention of Lil Wayne being given his last rites.

Cedars-Sinai declined to comment when BuzzFeed reached out.

Update 9:08 M.M.: Mack Maine, a rapper on Lil Wayne's label Young Money, says he is fine and will release a statement shortly.

Update 9:10 P.M.: This CNN reporter has an official statement.

Update 9:30 P.M.: A tweet from Lil Wayne's official account says that he's "good."

And TMZ has updated its story again.

UPDATE 9:52 P.M.: Lil Wayne's publicist tells BuzzFeed, "Wayne is doing well now. He is recovering and appreciates everyone's concern."

UPDATE 10:05 P.M.: An anonymous source close to Lil Wayne has told the Associated Press that the rapper did suffer a seizure tonight.

According to the A.P., the source asked to be anonymous "because of the sensitivity of the matter."

UPDATE 10:08 P.M.: L.A. Weekly is reporting that a member of Wayne's entourage says he is sitting up and drinking water.

The source also says TMZ's claim that he was in a coma was "lies."