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Kim Deal Fired The Pixies

Or, more accurately, she quit The Pixies, and now there probably won't be anymore Pixies shows.

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It's unclear whether or not The Pixies will carry on without Kim. The band has only ever existed in its original four-member lineup, and they've only been together to play sporadic reunion tours since reforming in 2004.

It's hard to imagine why anyone would want to hear a version of The Pixies that didn't include Kim Deal. Her distinctive bass style and backing vocals are crucial to the band's sound.

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And Kim sings lead on "Gigantic," one of their most famous songs.

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The Pixies originally broke up in 1993 after lead singer and songwriter Black Francis casually announced that the band was over in an interview with the BBC. He later informed his bandmates of this by sending them a fax.

Kim Deal has been pretty busy lately with her other band, The Breeders. Their most popular album, Last Splash, was recently reissued, and they've been playing that entire album on tour around the world.