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17 Things You Might Not Know About Ice Cream

Ice cream sure has come a long way since it was flavored with whale vomit.

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1. The waffle cone was created at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis when Abe Doumar, a traveling salesman, encouraged an ice cream vendor to serve their ice cream on rolled waffles made by another nearby vendor when they ran out of paper dishes.


3. Chocolate ice cream was invented long before vanilla, and the first documented recipe for it appeared in the book The Modern Steward, published in Italy in 1692.


The dish was based on hot chocolate, and was commonly mixed with spices like cinnamon and chili pepper, like what is known as "Mexican chocolate" today.

6. The Häagen-Dazs brand was established by two Americans – Reuben and Rose Mattus – and the name was made up to sound Danish and sophisticated. The Danish language does not actually use umlauts.


9. An "ice cream headache" happens because the nerve endings on the roof of your mouth are not used to being cold, and they send a message to your brain signaling a loss of body heat.


As a result, blood vessels in your brain contract, and when they return to their normal size, the blood in your head rushes back. This is what causes the feeling of a headache.

12. The sundae was invented when soda jerks in the late 1890s bowed to criticism from religious leaders for serving "sinfully" rich ice cream sodas on Sundays. They started serving the ice cream and syrups without soda water and called it a "sundae."


13. Dreyer's and Edy's are the same brand, but the latter name is used in the East and midwestern United States, and the former is used in the West and Texas.

The brand was founded by Joseph Edy and William Dreyer, and originally known as Edy's Grand Ice Cream. When their partnership dissolved, Dreyer took over and changed the name. The Edy's name was revived to avoid confusion with the popular Breyer's brand on the East Coast.

16. Blue Bell Creamery and Dreyer's/Edy's both claim to have invented cookies and cream ice cream, and there is no substantial proof as to which brand was actually first.


Either way, cookies and cream was an instant hit and became the fifth most popular ice cream flavor overall by 1983, only a few years after it hit the market. Though most ice cream brands sell the flavor, only Breyer's, Good Humor, and Klondike have the license to use actual Oreo cookies in their products.

17. The earliest versions of Neapolitan ice cream were made of green pistachio, white vanilla, and red cherry ice cream and was made to resemble the Italian flag.


That's called spumoni now. "Neapolitan" ice cream shifted to vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry in the United States because those were the three most popular flavors in the market.


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