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    27 Ways 2014 Is Disappointing If You Grew Up In The '90s

    It's so hard to say good-bye to yesterday.

    1. You can't win someone's heart by making a mixtape. Sharing a playlist just doesn't do it.

    2. Going to the mall was a lot cooler when you couldn't just order everything on the internet.

    3. No one wants to just hang out and talk on the phone anymore.

    4. And it's reallllllllly hard to do a good prank call now.

    5. There's almost no such thing as a cool video store or record shop clerk anymore.

    6. Memorizing lots of obscure trivia isn't so impressive now that anyone can just Google or Wiki stuff on their smartphone.

    7. People just aren't as wowed by a person who knows about all the best restaurants in a world where you can just check Yelp or something.

    8. It used to be pretty easy to avoid spoilers about your TV favorite shows. Now...not so much.

    9. There was a lot more excitement and mystery in meeting new people before you could find out everything about their life before ever saying "hi."

    10. As it turns out, wraps aren't actually that good for you.

    11. Also, it doesn't really matter if something is "low-fat" or "fat-free" if it's mostly carbs and sugar. Whoops.

    12. All that work you backed up to zip discs or saved on obsolete hard drives is basically lost to you forever.

    13. And all those comic books that were supposed to be a good investment aren't worth anything now.

    14. They finally made more Star Wars movies but they totally sucked, so now everyone just thinks all Star Wars is awful.

    15. Now that GPS is so common, having a good sense of direction and knowing where things are isn't a super-impressive skill.

    16. And it's harder to just get lost for the fun of it.

    17. Any concert you go to now is just full of people holding up their phones.

    18. MTV somehow airs even less music these days.

    19. So many weird and offbeat musicians got really popular in the '90s that you just assumed that it'd always be that way.

    20. Uh, especially when it came to cool, boundary-pushing female stars.

    21. Having a lot of obscure records, bootlegs, and rare songs in your collection isn't that impressive since everything's just on the internet for free now.

    22. The same goes for your collection of cult movies.

    23. Or, really, any random TV show, movie, or weird clip that's either on YouTube or some streaming thing now.

    24. Every band just licenses their music to ads now.

    25. People don't worry much about "selling out" anymore, so no one really cares if you haven't sold out, or how much "indie cred" you accrued.

    26. The internet makes it hard for any kind of subculture to remain a secret, so everything goes mainstream much more quickly.

    27. But hey, there's just no denying that technology has made our lives waaaaay more convenient, even it makes everything seem a little less...romantic.