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    Mar 18, 2014

    This Allie X Song Is Definitely Going To Improve Your Day

    Katy Perry's favorite unsigned singer's new song "Prime" will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. And you won't mind.

    Meet Allie X.

    She's a Canadian songwriter who emerged out of nowhere last month with "Catch," an incredibly catchy tune that Katy Perry declared a "SUMMER JAM" when she shared the song with her 51.5 million followers on Twitter earlier this month.

    Currently I'm obsessed with this song CATCH by Allie X: SPRING JAM!

    Katy Perry@katyperry

    Currently I'm obsessed with this song CATCH by Allie X: SPRING JAM! 💉💊

    04:43 PM - 6 Mar 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Now that she has the world's attention, the unsigned singer-songwriter has a fresh new song called "Prime." It's another bright, bouncy electro-pop song, and arguably even better than "Catch." It's basically the sort of colorful, stylish synth pop song The Knife used to make before they went full-on goth on Silent Shout. Allie has her own voice for sure, but if you've been waiting around for another "Heartbeats" or "Pass This On," this should scratch that itch.

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    Allie X says the song is mainly about how she thinks about her body and appearance. "My physical appearance has always been rather abstract to me," she says. "Aside from typical insecurities that many girls and boys feel growing up, I have always felt like I have more than one face. I've always felt like more than one person."