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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    9 Wonderfully Bonkers Moments In G-Dragon's New Video

    "미치GO M/V" is more proof that no one makes better (or weirder) videos than G-Dragon.

    G-Dragon's video for "미치GO M/V" is colorful, funny, and totally weird. Also, the song is totally amazing.

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    1. But why is a leather-clad G-Dragon being spanked by spooky doll-faced parents?

    2. And what is up with these other doll-faced people?

    3. Why are they so obsessed with feet?

    4. Like, seriously, was this directed by a next-level foot fetishist?

    5. Seriously.

    6. But there's also this whole other situation on a subway with a big pink elephant head...

    7. ...and this chaotic library scenario...

    8. ...and some good old fashioned street punk dance fighting.

    9. Oh! Oh! And lasers.

    The lasers are totally the best part.

    Like, look at the gun! Those are LASER G's.

    Never change, G-Dragon.