17 Completely Absurd Moments From Katy Perry's "Roar" Video

    Katy goes to the jungle for some monkey selfies, elephant pedicures, and tiger fights. As you do.

    1. When some dude abandoned her in the jungle after taking a selfie, like, immediately after their plane crashed and they were apparently the only survivors.

    2. When she looked down into the water and saw a tiger's reflection.

    3. When she made a bunch of fireflies turn into some kind of spirit tiger firework thing.

    4. When a monkey helped her make a spear out of a pair of stiletto heels.

    5. When she made an elephant give her a shower.

    6. When she brushed an alligator's teeth.

    7. When she emerged from a cave wearing this outfit.

    8. When she flexed like this.

    9. When she swung from a vine like Tarzan.

    10. When she summoned a parrot.

    11. When she got all up in some tiger's face.

    12. When she screamed some kind of spirit tiger at a real tiger, which somehow defeated the real tiger.

    13. When she sat on this pretty floral version of that Game of Thrones throne.

    14. When she forced a tiger to wear a "Kitty Purry" tag after defeating it in battle.

    15. When she took some selfies with a monkey.

    16. When she made some lipstick out of a pomegranate.

    17. When she gave an elephant a hot pink pedicure.

    And here's the entire video, in all its glory.

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